Antiques in Georgetown, CO

Ophelia’s Gallery is an antique store located in Georgetown, Colorado, where you can find numerous authentic antiques, collectibles, and artifacts that have been identified as rare or unique. Our collection includes old and rare books, paintings, pieces of furniture, antique toys, primitives, and more.

At Ophelia’s Gallery, we can boast an extensive selection of collectible, rare, and vintage books. We sell antiquarian books, signed and inscribed copies, out-of-print books, first editions, artist’s books, fine bindings, limited editions, books pertaining to Colorado and the old west, and more. From unique antique books to high-value books, we have something for every collection.

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If you have not started collecting books yet, here is a list of several good reasons to start:

Historical significance

Old books are like links to the past. They provide you with insights into the beliefs, ideas, and thoughts of people from previous eras and generations. An old book is like a piece of history that you can preserve by keeping it in your library and sharing it with future generations.

Scarcity and rarity

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer old books every year. The number of unique antique books keeps decreasing because of natural disasters, wear and tear, wars, etc. For this reason, the scarcity and rarity of surviving antique books keep increasing. This all makes old books a great and valuable investment.

Antique books are always in trend

Many collectibles go in and out of fashion, but antique books are not like that. They always have their timeless charm and personality. For this reason, the demand for old, rare, and valuable books remains constant.

Personal satisfaction

Collecting rare and antique books brings personal satisfaction and happiness. Nothing can be compared to the thrill of the chase of a rare book and the satisfaction of nabbing a unique copy. Most book collectors would agree that collecting antique books is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable hobbies. Also, the wisdom and knowledge you gain from unique books is absolutely priceless.

If you would like to start collecting books, or you want to expand your book collection, you are welcome to stop by Ophelia’s Gallery. We have hundreds of old and rare books, so you will definitely find something to add to your collection and put on your bookshelf. Our store has been operating in Georgetown, CO since 1998, and we are open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 6 PM.