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 Collectables & Gifts in Georgetown, CO
Ophelia’s Antique Gallery is your destination in Georgetown, Colorado for antiques, collectibles, gifts, books and more. The store offers a unique and diverse collection of artifacts and items from different cultures and eras around the world.

At Ophelia’s, you can find jewelry, old and rare books, porcelain, crystal, art, vintage toys, primitives, ephemera and valuable decorative items. We also offer professional consultations for enthusiasts and collectors by appointment. We are focused on providing exceptional customer care and a captivating shopping experience to celebrate the historical significance and beauty of valuable and rare items.

Here are a few reasons why you should shop at Ophelia’s Antique Gallery:

We sell antiques that increase in value. Antiques and collectibles that you will buy in our store may go up in value over time. Therefore, it is possible to say that shopping at Ophelia’s is a great investment. Our items tell a story. Antiques that we sell are more than just items from the past — they are a reminder of extravagances, customs, and hardships of another era. They tell you a story about your ancestors and allow you to get closer to your heritage. Our antiques are quality and well-made. If you are looking for items that were well-made, you can find them at Ophelia’s Gallery. You can find items made during times when attention to craftsmanship and detail were paramount.

We sell items that are cost-effective. You may be surprised to know that purchasing antiques is often more cost-effective than buying new items. Moreover, at Ophelia’s Gallery, we sell pieces at reasonable prices.

All our pieces are unique. The best thing about antiques is that two people will not buy exactly the same piece in our store. Many antiques and collectibles we sell are not mass-produced, so you can be sure that treasures you get from Ophelia’s Gallery are quite unique.

We transform the gallery annually to a Christmas wonderland. You can find old and new ornaments, magical decorations, and that perfect gift to complete your holiday list.

Collectables & Gifts Georgetown, CO

Ophelia’s Gallery is located in Georgetown, Colorado, and it has been open since 1998. The business hours are from 11 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Sunday. Do not hesitate to stop by our antique store to see what we have in stock and browse our aisles.